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    Use the intuitive dance as therapy or in tool of prevention burn out on your workplace


    Based in Montpellier, Laka Touch acts in favour of the well-being and of the health under various axes of interventions.

    From birth to the greatest age, so that Music and Dance are accessible to all.



Discovery module
Intended for Social
and Health Care Professionals

Two possible axes

The choreographic workshop easy to organize …

In the presence of your teams, the participants to this workshop will discover within your structure the innovative way that Laka Touch designed to practise the intuitive dance within the framework of the established protocol of care.
Exempt from the Birth with most Old age … Suits as well the infants in the presence of their moms, the children, the teenagers, the adults and the seniors.

The module discovery

At the end of training, the trainee (professionals of your structure) will be capable of livening up, in his way, a workshop of approach to the method Laka Touch within his service, his establishment, his association, his reception center, his group of help and words etc….

Workshop easy to organize


No artistic skills required
No need of expensive sound or informatic materials
Technical autonomy of the intervener. Implementation of workshops based on of moral and physical health of the patient / resident / user



For any information do not hesitate to contact us by our contact form or to the following address contact.lakatouch@gmail.com or +33 6 85 67 20 18. Based in Montpellier
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Thanks to Jama, Vanessa, Samia, Hervé, Awa, Nicolas, Patrice, Terry, Sandrine, Jean Yves, Aurelien, Mael, my family and all the people who support the project.